I’m in Love with the Idea of: Drinking Beer in Foreign Countries

I’m a 20-year-old college student, so admittedly I have only drunk when in foreign countries.  No really.  Okay, not quite, but almost really.  Anyway, ever since a conversation that I remember overhearing about how real people drink beer straight from the bottle / can, and reading Gossip Girl after which I associated fruity cocktails with bratty, stuck up, rich kids; I thought that real people drink beer.  Straight from the can.  These “real people” may have a glass of wine at a dinner party or a specialty drink for different occasions (a mint julep while watching a horse race of example), but for the most part real people drank beer.

My problem is: I kind of hate beer.

Beer is light or dark.  It’s thick.  It froths over the edges of the glass and makes strange patters on the glass.  Beer makes my teeth feel funny.  Funny in an icky, I-haven’t-brushed-my-teeth-all-day sort of way.  Beer is sticky and smells weird.  I just don’t really like it.

Cocktails on the other hand… brilliant.  Sugary, liquored up wonders that taste great and make me a little bit happy.  I can drink a few of those, but then again, that’s not always the greatest idea in the world…


One thought on “I’m in Love with the Idea of: Drinking Beer in Foreign Countries

  1. Oh good gravy, NO ONE should drink beer out of the bottle or can unless it's cheap. Whoever you overheard doesn't know what they're talking about.Seriously.If it tastes good and is well made, don't even think about preventing your nose from A) enjoying all those lovely smells and B) helping your taste buds work better at tasting all those lovely tastes.If it's cheap beer, go ahead, keep yourself from tasting it. :PThere are many kinds of beer, I'm sure you can find ones that you like. But it's okay if you don't. I like cocktails too, and we can discuss such things next September when you're 21, young lady. ;)

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