Maybe Next Year

This week has been full of playing with my new toys, seeing friends, and trying sushi.  It seems in the blogging world that there has been a lot of planning and resolving for the new year.  New Year’s is a strange holiday to me in that it never quite feels like a holiday, but that’s a subject for another time.

If you’re in need of some last minute resolution ideas, here are 5 Suggestions.

I will be making this Chicken Pot Pie at some point when I get back to Chicago.

This old Yes and Yes post in which Sarah Von imagines dressing as her heritage made me smile.

I will probably get one of these National Parks Passports because I’m outdoorsy like that.  Or at least I like to think I am.  Admittedly, I only discovered these existed because I’ve recently started following Campfire Chic.

How To Steal Like and Artist.  It’s a bit long, but absolutely inspirational.

This week I like: rock climbing, Fringe, driving to parties in Marin, making vague plans of seeing old friends abroad, intellectual conversations that turn trivial in two seconds flat.

Hope you had a good week.  See you all next year!


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