Of Routines and Adjustments

As the semester continues and I become more overwhelmed, I am trying ever so desperately to get back into a routine.  A system of doing, finishing, and consistently working.  For some reason in my head that was going to be easier with a more steady job, but that’s pretty much a flat out lie.  Even now I’m realizing that I forgot to change the laundry.

Honestly, how do people do it.  A job, school, and a life.  Can the three actually co-exist?  I’m beginning to believe in the “choose two” charts that I’m always seeing.

I think what I need more that a weekly routine though, is a daily routine.  I need to know that I will be able to write in the morning and have my quite time when I get home for the day.  I want to establish these as actual and true habits so that even when my schedule is out of whack I can still hold these things true.  I’m still trying to figure out how blogging fits into that, but it seems to be going alright so far.

*Rachel looks at the clock only to realize that it is just past midnight.  It is much later than she thought it was.*

Well, that failed.


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