On Being an Introvert

It’s not that I don’t love my family.  I love each and every one of them (more or less) individually.  It’s just when they’re all together that it gets a little crazy.

I choose to see this not really as a statement on my family as it is a statement on my own personality.  I am an introvert.  I gather my strength from spending time alone.  This is something I’m actually quite proud of.  Self sufficient and all that.  Don’t need a man to complete me kind of thing (not that any has ever tried too hard).  I like this about myself.

And so, this is why, when Dad and Uncle went on a bike ride; Tia, Uncle, and Sister went shopping; and Grandpa’s, Uncle and Mom went to the warves, I choose to stay home.  Alone.

Sweet freedom.

I played on my computer.  I watched absorbent amounts of Television, and I didn’t put real clothes on until after lunch.  I reveled in having a house, recently full of extra family all to myself.  And no matter what they said to me afterward, I didn’t regret it for a moment.

I love my family.  But I love my alone time too.

In other news.  My little sister graduated from high school today.  Congratulations Jojo!!!  (Jojo means sister in our not-so-secret language)

A Day in the Life of a PA

So, for the past week I’ve been working as a Production Assistant.  Due to confidentially contracts and such I can’t say who’s there or what happens (in the show they’re shooting), but I think I can safely talk about a day in the life of a PA without giving anything away.

5:30am (or earlier) — Wake up and get ready for the day

6:15 — Get picked up to go to work (since I don’t live in LA normally, and don’t have a car, one of the other PA’s drives me in the morning and then he or another friend will give me a ride home at night).

6:45-7:15 — Arrive at the parking lot and play parking attendant while the rest of the crew arrives.  Somehow I got put in charge of making sure everyone parks in the right direction, around 7:15 I’ll get on the last shuttle up to the location.

7:20 — Arrive on location. Sign in and hook up my walkie.  Eat something from the catered breakfast.  While I eat I go over the order of the shots and read sides (sides are the pieces of the script being filmed that day).

7:30 — Actors arrive.  Some PA’s take the cars of guest stars down to the parking lot and then are shuttled back up.  See if the art department needs any help.  The goal is to be rolling by 9 or 9:30.

8:30 — Actors, Director, Cameras, all of the above begin blocking rehearsals, last minute hair, make-up, and wardrobe touch-ups.  At this point the house goes into Fortress Mode.  Since we are in a residential neighborhood we are trying our best not to disturb anyone and that includes making sure that no one is hanging out in front of the house.  There are two PA’s at the front door at all times (there are five of us so we take shifts).

9:00-1:00 — Rolling, and so begin the lock ins.  PA’s are situated on each floor of the house to call “Picture’s Up”, “Rolling”, and “Cut” after the director does so that everyone in the house knows.  We have to make sure that the noise level stays down, especially in areas right next to where they are shooting.  There’s a lot of shushing people.  Meanwhile other things are going on too.  Art department is setting up for the next scene, craft services is making snacks, runs need to be made, and one of the executive producer’s has a dog that we’ll take out when needed.  At 12:30 the caterer shows up with lunch and all the PA’s help load it in from the car, and get anything they need.

1:00 — Someone calls for lunch a little before 1 and the cast and core crew goes first through the line.  After everyone has gone through the line the PA’s go through.  We call last man which means we announce over the walkie’s that the last person has gone through the buffet and we have a half hour to eat.

1:30ish-7:30 — Depending on when the last man goes through, we go back to work anywhere from 1:20 to 1:40. Back to work returns to the same state of lock-ins, noise checks, set ups, door duty, runs, and dog walks.

7:30 — Around 7:30 or a little later the director calls the Martini Shot or the last shot of the day.  As they are rehearsing for that, we have someone go down to the parking lot to bring the shuttle van up the hill.  Meanwhile, the rest of us start gathering up the trash, getting tomorrow’s call sheets from the production office, and getting ready to wrap up.

8:00 — We have to be done by 8 so at this point the van is outside and a group will go down to the parking lot.  PA’s and other miscellaneous cast and crew (a few are even staying at the house) do odd jobs that need doing before leaving.  Mostly this includes checking in walkies, making sure that the refrigerator got plugged back in, and anything that is outside is not in danger of tipping over and blowing away.

8:30 — Hopefully I’m out the door at or before 8:30.  It’s been earlier and it’s been later, but 8:30 is the goal.

9:00ish — I’ll be dropped off.  Officially I suppose this would be the time to do other non-production related stuff, but for the most part I’m too tired.  I’ll eat something and see if there’s anything on TV (not usually), then go to bed.

Of course, this schedule can be different without warning.  For example, after I wrote a draft for this post we had a 16 hour day where I didn’t get home until nearly 1 in the morning.  Awesome.

All the Feels

I’ve never been to LA before.  I mean, right before I went to college my parents decided that what needed to happen to celebrate my growing up was a trip to Disneyland, but I’ve never really been to LA.  Until now, but my guess is you saw that coming.

These past few weeks have been quite full of emotion.  I finished school which involved an all-nighter and then cramming for work.  Then there was the finalies.  I know I am far to attached to Television.  I know this is a thing, but at the same time I don’t even care.  Fringe was fabulous and confusing in a way that makes me happy they have another season, but genuinely curious as to how they are going to continue.  I am far too attached to Once Upon A Time, The Big Bang Theory, and Community, all of which finished the season very strong.  And NCIS.  Oh my, I haven’t been watching NCIS regularly this season, but I’m invested now.

Also to go on the list of things I am potentially too emotionally invested in is The Fault in Our Stars, John Green’s new book which was absolutely heartbreaking.  I refuse to spoil it for anyone, so all I will say is this: Don’t read in public if you value your emotional dignity.  I was a mess.

Then to add to it all my best friend, and ex-boyfriend is in a new relationship.  With a guy.  I’m so proud of him and happy for him, but (and there’s always a but) I wasn’t expecting to be this affected by it when I first found out.  It doesn’t change how much I care for him, but… well, I guess I still haven’t really figured out all my feelings about it.

Which brings us here.  To LA on a Friday morning to work on the set of a web series that I love (more on that later this week I hope).  And I’ve been having a great time.  I’m meeting people and making connections.  I get to go home and tell my mother about all the people I’ve run into from my school who currently have industry jobs after being out of school for about a year.  She’ll like that.

The List

To add to the collection of awesome moments of pausing the TV, I submit this photo.

I’ve come to learn that I organize my life best in lists.  There’s the list of things that aren’t allowed (dying being the top priority), the list of movies I need to see, songs to buy, the ever-changing to do list, and my TV watch list.

It’s the TV list I’ve been working on today.  The TV Watch list is huge.  It includes the things I watch now, the shows I love that got cancelled, mini series, and the massive amount of shows I still need to watch (and they all keep growing!).  Today I put together a virtual version of the TV Watch list.  Granted, I haven’t finished it yet, some things are still in the works, but if anyone is interested in seeing what I watch now (or rather in this past season as most shows are ending this week if they haven’t already), then check it out here.  The list can also be found as a tab along the header of my blog anytime.

Sometimes I Don’t Know What I’m Doing with My Life

I seem to be in a blogging rut.  I spent most of the past four days lollygagging around on the internet, and this list is pretty much what I have to show for it.  Not bad though, check it out:

I’ve recently discovered the blog The Write Practice which is giving me all sorts of great ideas about my writing.

While I’m not really a hiker, these hiking exercises are still pretty awesome.

27 Ways to Live Intuitively.  Awesome.

This could be useful –> How to Support Friends Who Are Trying to Lose Weight.

Stop Apologizing.  Seriously.

On keeping in touch with far flung friends.

Ideas for how to be productive.

This week: Tomorrow I have jury duty.  I was actually quite excited for jury duty until a friend of mine asked if I could help out on a production he’s working on in LA.  Now I’m just hoping that this is a one day event so I can high tail it down to Los Angeles.  Either way I am working on developing a pilot script for this contest and hanging out with friends.

Write What You Know

The oft’ given writing advice is to write what you know.  I always feel like I’ve been cheated out of actual advice when I hear that.  I don’t know what I know.  At least not what I know that would be worth writing about.  Rock climbing, Nancy Drew, list making.  I can write about these for a little while, but then I’m not sure where to go with them, and they’re certainly not quite fiction material.

People I’m around talk a lot about stories.  How we live our life, tell our life, and learn new things through stories.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Half the reason I remember so much about architecture is because it was told to me as a story.  But when I’m in charge of the story?

It’s probably terribly bad form to put what I’m about to say on the internet where future employers can find it, but I feel like part of learning and growing in my writing is admitting what I’m not good at and then trying to find a solution.  I’m terrible at creating my own plots.  I think up wonderful concepts to tell a story in, but when I sit down to write I get stuck because the characters aren’t doing anything.

I can find my way out of a plot line any day of the week.  Especially in SciFi or fantasy.  Bring on the twists and I will think of a way to maneuver around them.  I love shows like Once Upon A Time and Fringe because they give me the plot and then they leave me hanging to try and figure out what I want to happen.  And I figure out a way I think the story is going to go.  The next week they show me what their solution is (Sometimes I like my solution better).

Finding plots is something I’m trying to work on.  I want to be better at this, but for now I have trouble with plot.

Finals Week

Picture only related in that the wonky angle is how I feel about my life right now.
This week is finals week.  I wound up in three writing intensive classes classes this year, and three of my classes have actual final exams.  Two of those are comprehensive.  I would say that my likelihood of leaving the apartment today is very slim.  I have a  paper yet to go and edits to be done on the second.  On top of that I am prepping for Manifest.  Which will be awesome… but more awesome once it’s over.  This is my only Manifest, this is my only Manifest, this is my only Manifest.
Needless to say I wont be around much this week, and I think after Friday I will want to sleep for a week.  Good times.  Catch you on the flip side.