Rambling List

It’s been too long since I did a links post, and those stars and bookmarks add up.  Here’s what I’ve been checking out lately.

Bookshops in Berlin?  I’m taking notes.

Well, after my post on Girls I found these.  I still like the Downton Abbey ones better.

I’m always a little scared that I’m playing it safe.  Glad that this list put my mostly out of my wonder.

I can’t help but wonder if my TV list sparked Laura’s.  At the moment her’s is more comprehensive though.

7 Tricks to Write More with Less Willpower

101 Ways to Find Inspiration

I kind of want to start a blogging journal.

Just in case I ever choose to become a professional climber, I’ll take my cues from this gal.

In other news I am quite nearly done with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I’m waiting for the imminent waterfall of emotions.  I will probably have a brain dump of my thoughts on the series in the coming weeks.  Also, my two best friends are graduating and coming home this weekend, so that’s exciting.


One thought on “Rambling List

  1. You DID spark my TV watch list! I wanted to keep track for myself and offer people a place to say “wait, if she watches X does she also watch Y?”

    But it was totally your idea first, so thanks :)

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