Whedon Wednesday: Kickoff

The pen is mightier than the sword.  A cliche that rings remarkably true when looking at the work of Joss Whedon.  For years characters in television, movies, and web series have feared their lives under the direction of Mr. Whedon.  The writer, producer, and director of various projects ranging from the cult favorites, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, and most recently to Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers.

Motives run the gambit from senseless killing of favorite characters to deaths necessary for the growth of other characters and plots.  The average death fits somewhere between the two reasons.  And with just over twenty characters on the list, there is certainly room for an average.

From now until mid-December, I will be contributing to a group effort to bring these characters the recognition they deserve.  My friend Laura, and her sister Megg, are carrying the bulk of the project, with contributions from myself and another friend, Elspeth.  Together we are writing a series of Eulogies for all the characters who have fallen victim to Mr. Whedon’s pen.  In keeping their memory alive we hope to share the love that we feel for these characters and the universe’s they are a part of.

Starting now, and continuing nearly to the end of the year, there will be a Whedon Wednesday Eulogy posted on one of our blogs each week.  Since we all have different styles and formats, they will be archived in different ways depending on the blogger.  I for one will be creating a page under the new tab of television where I will link up to the post of the day.  I will also be re-tweeting and linking up the week’s post on my Twitter page and in that day’s post respectively.

Even though I’ve only just finished Buffy, I am wildly excited about his project.  I can’t wait to share with everyone.  Next week I’ll kick of with the first post, and in the coming weeks I’ll be talking about my feelings on Buffy and some of my favorite casualties.  I’ll also be linking up to the other posts in the series in the months ahead.

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