Whedon Wednesday: Eulogy for Jenny Calendar

Whedon Wednesday is a tribute to the many Joss Whedon characters who have died over the years.  A combined effort with Laura, Megg, and Elspeth, Whedon Wednesday is a series of Eulogies morning the loss of these characters who died in fiction, but will never die in our hearts.  Archive.  Introduction.

I can hardly remember when I met Jenny.  But it wasn’t the meeting that has solidified her impact on me, but her attitude and legacy.  In a world dominated as much by high school horrors and tribulations as it was by monsters and demons, Jenny brought a different perspective to the fight against evil.  For a short while, she became a part of the Scooby Gang, and she has been missed.

Ms. Calendar taught us so much more than computers.  She introduced us to magic, showing everyone how ancient magic and modern technologies could work together — even if Giles would object.  She was a great example of how to handle oneself in a crisis and always quick with a comeback.

Jenny came to Sunnydale with a mission: be sure that Angelus’ soul did not return to him.  Make sure he remained miserable.  This mission led to Jenny coming at odds with the scooby gang near the end of her life.  It was this mission that lead to the circumstances of her death.  Angel himself has now paid the price for what he did, but it is the rest of us who have to live with the consequences.  Her mission is complete, but she gave up her life in the process.  As much as we may have resented her actions in life, we will miss her, her kindness and levelheadedness, dearly.

Jenny Calendar has been the first loss in what will grow to be a long list.  Everyone among us knows that our efforts against vampires and demons will result in casualties. It’s a part of what we sign up for when we join the gang.  We fight for good to permeate the world we live in.  Death reminds us of this fight, but we mustn’t let it pull us to the darkness.  We must use this to fuel our fight, and continue on.


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