Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I know that tomorrow will worry about itself, but does that mean that I should worry about today today?  After all, today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.  Yesterday I worried about yesterday, and so today I should worry about today, and then tomorrow I will worry about tomorrow.  Or does that whole bit mean that the days will worry about themselves?  How does a day worry?

Yesterday I sat on a plane and worried that I wouldn’t be able to fill in a customs form properly (What if it was in German? What if they asked for information I didn’t know/have?).  I needn’t have worried.  I didn’t have to fill in a customs form at all.  Today I am mildly worried I wont be able to find the proper ATM and will then have to pay a higher fee to get cash.  Tomorrow I will worry about doing Eurythmy in the heat as it’s quite humid here.

In other news, I arrived in Berlin with no problems.  I was tired and nearly went straight to bed, but I arrived.  Today has involved failing to actually speak German to anyone and finding a Starbucks.  Because Frappaccino is still Frappaccino in German.  Which was great until he asked me what flavor I wanted.

Thankfully I have some time before I may be called upon to speak any German, but in the meantime I’m quite frustrated with myself that I didn’t review between the end of my class in May and now.  It’s not like I was soooo busy.  I just didn’t.  Not that there’s much I can do about it now.  Not much but sit with the other foreigners in a Starbucks with wifi as we all notify our homeland of our whereabouts on our tiny travel sized computers.

Time for some food.  Real food, not coffee food.


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