Writing About Writing (Writing Journal for the Week of 7-2)

I am beginning a new series that I’ve been calling Writing About Writing.  This is mostly for my own benefit, as a way of keeping track of what I’m up to as well as guilting myself into writing.  It’s my hope that this will be a reoccurring series every Monday.

Monday: blogged – This Will Be: July Edition
casual polishing Buffy series
email to Allason
Tuesday: blogged – casual adding to Buffy series
blogged – untitled draft (that will probably never get published)
Wednesday: blogged – serious work on Buffy series
Thursday: Pilot – ABCD plots together on an arc
Friday: blogged – serious polishing of Buffy series
blogged – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: blogged – outline for untitled Waldorf post

All things considered (that the majority of this week was spent planning for and in transit to Europe), I think this is a really solid amount of writing that got done.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to handle this series of writing on writing (and I’m not really counting this post as an entry in the journal).  This next week will likely be more difficult, especially on the blogging front as the school I’m staying at does not have internet.  Which is fine in the grand scheme of things, but not very conducive to blogging.

It should also be noted (and it may have been noted previously) that the “Pilot” I’m referring to is a pilot I’m writing to potentially be entered in a contest that opens in September.  I don’t know that it will be ready in time or if I will be happy with it even if it, but it gives me something to work on and at the very least can be added to my early portfolio to be phased out as I find other things I’m more happy with.

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