Writing About Writing (week of July 16)

Monday: blogged – Polishing on History of Berlin post
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: journaling
Thursday: nothing
Friday: blogged – Writing on a Whedon Wednesday post for next week
Saturday: blogged – Polishing Whedon Wednesday
Sunday: blogged – finalizing Whedon Wednesday

I feel pretty okay with this week’s writing. This week finally felt like I fell into a routine of living here in Berlin, which includes sore ankles and tiredness (ich bin murder) as well as actually properly learning the choreography and remembering people’s names. Still working on the writing bit. I’m thankful for the time I have, even if it is small.

Next week I’d like to get a chance to take a look at my pilot project even if only briefly, and possibly get myself to an internet cafe to work for a few hours uninterupted. I am splitting a wifi stick with a few people, but I try touse it for only bits at a time, and having some solid stright work time would be awesome.

I would also like to acknowledge that there is currently a German man (one of the project producers) sitting in the courtyard in his tricked out wheelchair and playing the accordian. This has been going on for quite a time. I love this about my life.


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