Whedon Wednesday: Eulogy for Buffy Summers

Whedon Wednesday is a tribute to the many Joss Whedon characters who have died over the years.  A combined effort with Laura, Megg, and Elspeth, Whedon Wednesday is a series of Eulogies morning the loss of these characters who died in fiction, but will never die in our hearts.  Archive.  Introduction.

Buffy Summers has always been the choosen one, but we feel just as honored to be chosen to be her friends. In losing her we have lost not only the Slayer, the defender of the human race, but also a dear friend and sister.

Buffy has saved the world time and time again. She built our confidence and helped us to grow up. In many ways there was no choice but to quickly realize the true darkness we face and turn to face it dispite any fear we had. For these gifts we thank her from the bottom of our hearts. She had a hard year, no one can argue that, but she was stronger for it. Buffy was learning to be the sister she needed to be to raise Dawn. She was growing into the person she wanted to be.

Of all the things I will remember her courage the most. Weather it was a fight against the vampires she was called to face, a killer robot, or a goddess, Buffy was always willing to fight agaist evil in the world. Buffy gave us the strength to fight our demons,real or metephorical. Her kindness and strength made her one of a kind. She had a heart for both people and deomons that was displayed time and time again. It’s only not, since she gave up everything, that was can see how much love she truely had.

She said death was her gift, and in some ways she was right. Her gift to us, to let us continue living, was to stop living herself. We will never forget the deep sacrifice that she has given. Buffy was never one to shy away from a fight, and she faced even death with bravery and wisdom. Without her we wil now have to go on in a world that seems to have lost some of it’s magic. Without her the danger will only grow, but her memory will help us to fight the fight.

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