Writing About Writing (week of July 23)

Monday: Emails
Tuesday: blog – Polishing Waldork
Letter that I’ll never send
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: blog – This Has Been July
blog – This Will Be August
Friday: nothing
Saturday: blog – Polishing Buffy series
Sunday: blog – Polishing Buffy series
blog – this post

Meh. So yeah, a little disapointed in this week because reasons. I didn’t meet my goal of geting to look at my pilot work wich was disapointing, but after this weekend I’m not surprised. Not sure if I’ll ever get around to posting about it in more depth than this, but this was a hard week. Lot’s of rehearsals and too much staying up late.

As of right now I have no goals for next week. I have posts scheduled for Monday to Thursday that are completely ready, so I don’t NEED to write anything, and with the scheduled rehersals coming up… maybe it’s better that I don’t try. I’m feeling a general burnout coming on and that’s a little scary.


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