This Has Been: July Edition

July began in the throughs of packing for my Berlin/Italy trip. I was still going through syptoms of Buffy withdrawl and trying to fit a month and a half of my life into a backpack (I think I did a pretty good job actually).

When all the packing was well and done (and after my computer spent too long updating itself), I was on my way out of the country on the 4th of July. I like to say to myself that I am starting a tradition of leaving the country on Independence Day, but we’ll have to wait until next year to make sure. A part of my brain is planning a trip to Congo to go to SKIFF, but that’s a whole year away.

In Berlin, I have spent three weeks now learning the tones and forms for Eurythmy to Betoveen’s fifth symphony and a pice of music by Abo Part. I am working on the fourth movement which is very fast and (all together now) INTENSE. Of course this has lead to a handful of pains and soreness. My feet are currently taped up to hold them together (one in pink and one in blue to show my Frequency TV pride).

The really great part of What Moves You has been the friendships that have formed and deepened. I came into the game knowing seven out of 83 people, and I can now at least name the majority of the 83. I have gotten close to the girls I’m rooming with (none of whom were part of the seven I knew) as well as some of the people in my group. I’m also glad to see the relationships I already had growing, even though it can be painful.

To have some semblance of balence, I’ll divulge that my German skills seem to be at a standstill. I’ve learned a few new words here and there, but for the most part I only know what I came into this with from school. It’s frustrating, because I sometimes feel like I’m just on the verge of understanding what’s going on and then we start moving and I realize that I have no clue what was just said.


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