This Will Be: August Edition

Right now, the very beginning of August, is the middle of tech week for the What Moves You performance. The show (as previously mentioned) is Friday and Saturday, the third and fourth. At some point in the very near future I will create a post on the program as a whole and such. And pictures. But now is a bit crazy and that’s not really in the cards.

Following the performance my friend Allason and I will be galavanting around Europe. Some part of me hates that phrase because it sounds spoiled (and it is), but another, slightly larger part of me is estatic to have a chance to use the word galavanting and it be gramatically correct. I feel like that dosen’t happen much. Anyway, we are taking the train from Berlin down to Rome with a few stops along the way.

Mid-month we fly home out of Rome and through Chicago which will be a little strange. I have a layover in Chicago the day after my lease starts. Awkward. We’ll be going to San Francisco where we part ways, probably for the semester which is sadness.

The following weeks are going to be a bit insane. I have only two days home in San Francisco before I am going with my family to Disneyland.  My mom has somehow decided that this is a first year of college tradition (my sister starts school in Boston in the fall). Not going to argue with that other than I left my Minnie ears in Chicago.

After Disney I am in San Francisco for 2 days again and then go to Chicago to move into my new apartment. We have meetings for work at the end of August and then I’m gearing up for the next semester (16 credits and 20 hours of work a week). I may get to breathe somewhere in the middle of all of this. Maybe.


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