Thoughts on What Moves You

It’s hard for me to write about What Moves You in a coherent fashion. My thoughts and feelings on the program and the people I met there are all over the map lately. What would I even say? Should I talk about Eurythmy? Or more about friendships gained and strengthened? (granted, I’m not sure I can talk about that without getting into how-much-do-I-really-want-to-share-with-the-internet territory) I could always just stay neutral and talk about time spent in Berlin.  But that seems like a cop-out.

When I think about the month I spent at WMY, the dominate feeling is that it was a hard four weeks. I’ve used the word intense to decribe them, and that remains accurate if somewhat incomplete. We were rehearsing long hours, to add to which I was sick a bit at the beginning and injured for a few days near the end. The change and adjustment of some relationships already established was painful. Socially, the influx of people this introvert had to interact with on the regular was exhausting. Linguistically, no matter how hard I tried, nothing I said in my minimal German came out right. The month was filled with frustrations and challenges. And I wouldn’t change a minute.

At the beginning of the program I wished to speak better German. But without acknowledging it, I wanted so much more. I wanted to make connections. Connections in Eurythmy, relationships, and language. And that unspoken wish came true tenfold. As hard as it was, I have grown so much in the past four weeks, and I wouldn’t trade that for all the easy friendships and spa days in the world.

The greatest thing that I will take from spending four weeks preparing for a Eurythmy performance is new knowledge. Knowledge of Eurythmy, people, history, myself, the German language, and many other cultures. I will never forget how we were able to come together and create a space for Eurythmy and for each other.

I think that the true takeaway from the WMY experience will become clear in the next few months. When I return to school I will be able to see how my German has improved. This new knowledge of history and cultures will find a way to crop up in my writing (it always does). Time will show how much my new friends will influence my life as I have no doubt they will. Even if I don’t speak to them daily, all 83 participants will forever be in my heart.


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