Writing About Writing (Week of August 13)

Monday: Dream journal
Tuesday: Emails
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: blog – Whedon Wednesday drafting
blog – travel post draft
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: blog – Whedon Wednesday polishing
blog – Quality/Quantity post
Sunday: Journaling (a bit)

I am a little disappointed with this week.  I was wanting to get a little more journaling or other creative writing in and it didn’t wind up happening.  To be fair, the beginning of the week was the last few days traveling, so I was pretty exhausted, but still a bit disappointing.

Granted, as much as I may want to be writing more, my schedule this week may continue to prevent it to some extent.  As much as I hate how spoiled it makes me sound, I am going to be in Disneyland for the next few days, then I will be packing up to head back to Chicago at the end of the week.

As far as solid goals for this week go, I would like to get at least one pomodoro’s worth of creative writting in and some journaling done while in Disney.  Blog posts for this week are basically set, but next week may be a bit of a challenge.  Ideally, I would like to be able to write next week’s WAW post without having to input “nothing” on any of the days.

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