It’s been decided.  Allason and I are bringing postcards back (them e-cards don’t know how t’… maybe not).  When we were galivanting Allason sent probably around ten postcards from our travels to various places in Europe and the US.  We mailed them from the Vatican City post office in Rome like the good little tourists that we are.

While she was writing, I sat there feeling like a bum.  I knew I had people to send cards to, but the act of actually buying postcards and going through the motions of sending them was stunningly odd to me, so I sat there doing nothing.  Well, except for the time I chased after the German couple writing cards to consult them on the phrasing of a thank you postcard.

Now, I’ve decided to be a bit more proactive in the game.  I’m sitting in Disneyland with a small stack of postcards next to me.  I have a list of recipients.  I have a stack of postcards.  I have words (clearly, you’re reading them).  I may even attempt to write a few of them in German (they’ll be very short).

I always scoffed at the postcard racks in souvenir shops.  Partly because they’re in souvenir shops, but also because it was crazy to me.  Who sends postcards?  Why bother?  Postage costs money, and no one gets mail anymore anyway.  That’s the great bit though.  No one gets mail anymore, so postcards a special.  They have reached the status of legend.

A legend I hope will continue as a tradition while traveling and in school.  All this to ask: Would you like a postcard?

On a related note, I want a roledex.  Because I think they are awesome and I want one.  Okay, done.  For real this time.

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