Writing About Writing (week of August 20th)

Monday: blog – postcards
2 postcards
Tuesday: blog – Parasol draft
Wednesday: blog – Parasol polish
Thursday: blog – Internet TV
Friday: blog – 21 Before 21 Review and 22 Before 22 list
Saturday: to do lists
blog – Production Magic draft
Sunday: blog – Red-heads draft
3 postcards

Success!!  I was able to write something in for every day this week.  Considering that I’m going into my third year of studying writing, this should not be a big deal, but somehow it kind of is.  I’m sure there have been other times when my streak of writting every day was much longer than this, but this is the first time since starting the Writting About Writting series.

The bonus success that comes with this is that I also have blog posts planned and partly written for basically the next two to three weeks.  What’s not written verbatim is planned in my head or outlined in a notepad or sticky note app in my phone (because sometimes digital office supplies have to suffice).

All this writing being done or outlined is helpful in the coming week as well.  This is my first week back in Chicago and I’m going to be swamped with busy.  I move into my new apartment on Tuesday giving me only a week to unpack and organize myself before school starts.  Throw a few work and InterVarsity meetings in there and it’s going to be a wild week, but a fun one.  Plus, at the end of it there are Labor Day barbeques to be had!  Okay, well I don’t have any actual plans yet, but I’m sure something will materialize.


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