A Guide to Parasol Ownership

Congratulations on the purchase of your tourist-sanctioned new parasol.  We understand that the cool factor doesn’t really exist at the moment because nearly every other girl on the street has one.  Hold on, because I can promise you one thing: It get’s better.  Bear with us and with will explain where to go from here.

Why did you purchase a parasol to begin with?  Well, every parasol owner must answer that question for themselves as it can be deeply personal.  In my case I needed to be convinced of my parasol need by Allason.  It turned out to be for the better because I needed a way to shade myself from the sun while walking around an unfamiliar city.  Now I enjoy embodying my inner Kaylee Frye.  Perhaps you wish to be a geisha, a roman emperor, or another member of royalty.  We are glad for whatever reason for your parasol acquisition.

Now we will cover parasol etiquette.  To begin, open your parasol to it’s widest point.  There will be a button to hold it in position while you are using it. Then, aim your parasol so that it is between you and the sun in order to provide shade to your face and upper body.  Be aware that sometimes in order to provide adequate shade, your parasol will be in front of your face.  At all times, but especially when your parasol is blocking your line of sight, be careful to avoid collisions with those around you.

Since we are on the subject of people around you, you must be especially cautious when utilizing your parasol on social outings.  Be curtious to your companions by being sure not to hit them with your wider-than-normal wingspan.  I find the best way to avoid mishaps is to walk alongside the person you are with so that the parasol is facing away from you both.

Now that you are well versed in parasol etiquette, you are free to move about the country.  But where will you take your new accessory?  Personally my favorite places to showcase my parasol is on adventures.  This can be something as exciting as visiting a foreign country, or as “mundane” as a trip to the farmer’s market.

Other acceptable locations for parasols include (but are not limited to): Carnivals, Amusement Parks, State Fairs, beach boardwalks, rock climbing trips (for use when not actively climbing), lunch dates, exploring the grounds of castles or ancient ruins,  and walking through large parks.  In short, any activity that takes place largely outside in the sun is a game opportunity for parasol usage.

Now, go on out there are shade yourself from the sun in style*.  Just be careful of your fellow humans and don’t forget to have fun.

*Disclaimer: Style is an approximate term, and may vary due to differing locals and tastes.  Use discretion when describing yourself, your parasol, or others in this way.


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