Writing About Writing (week of August 27)

Monday: nothing
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: journalling
Thursday: blog – This Will Be
Friday: emails
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: nothing

As you can probably guess, I am utterly ashamed of this past week.  So much nothing.  And my piddly excuses include moving in and working a lot.  Pathetic.  I don’t want to talk about it.

So instead I’m going to talk about how this space is going to change slightly now that I’m starting school.  The reason I starting this log of writing during the summer was to try and keep myself on track writing every day while I didn’t have assignments and the structure of school.  Especially while I was running around Europe.  This my my way of being accountable to myself because writing everyday is a priority for me (as much as this week contradicts that).

During the school year though, I need to worry much less about writing every day.  I am writing constantly while in school.  Notes for classes, homework assignments, reading summaries, papers, emails, scripts for work, and everything in between.  Some of what I write during the school year that’s technically considered school writing is also work that I highly enjoy doing.  Last semester for example, I wrote a spec script (a script of an existing show that shows I can write in someone else’s style and can be used for my portfolio) and a 15 page paper about Downton Abbey.  Needless to say while both projects were for school credit, I enjoyed them immensely.

Regardless of splitting hairs of what I enjoy and what I don’t, all sorts of writing are being “counted” in this log, so I will be including both school writing and extracurricular writing here.  Another reason I started this is because I hate dislike the thought that in order to write everyday you have to write in a specific place (one journal or only writing done on this project “counts”).  I think all types of writing “count” and I to acknowledge all types of writing I do as contributing to my goal of being a better writer.

That being said, there are a few things that I’m not including in this log.  Class and work notes, thoughts written in my scratch pad, and tweets.  Notes, while being writing of some sort are not my own individual thoughts.  Thoughts on a scratch pad (what I call my two and half by four in mini-composition book that I carry around) are usually no more than a sentence so that I don’t forget something.  Sometimes these get expanded and turn into a full sized blog post or other thing, but for the most part they are for reference only.  Tweets are not included simply because they are abstract and somewhat hard to keep track of.  I do a fair amount of retweeting as well as have wordpress generate a tweet to mention blog posts that I wrote and scheduled beforehand.

Well, that was exciting.  And now that I have drawn the focus away from last week’s failure, let’s talk about this week.  This week marks the beginning of school.  I imagine that a lot of writing will be done school-wise, but I’d like to be sure to get some blog writing and some fun writing in there as well.  No “nothings” this week.  Promise.


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