This Will Be: September Edition

It seems that September is dawning on me without internet access, so that is for sure one of my “goals” for the month.  I don’t imagine it’s going to be a difficult goal.  A few phone calls and a day waiting around for a cable guy to come by, but otherwise painless.  This does however, speak to a larger goal I have of truly settling in to my new apartment.  For now the apartment is nicknamed box-ville because of all the boxes I still have to unpack.

Today is the first day of school.  I have two classes today and am taking 16 credits this semester.  It will hopefully be a lot of fun.  I have one TV class to complement my work with Frequency, and then a hodge-podge of other classes to fulfill LAS requirements.  I’m excited for this semester to get underway, especially with work. I will be Executive Producer of a new show this semester which is a little intimidating, but very exciting.

Thinking about it, this month starts off with a bang, but then calms quite quickly, which I think works out great.  My birthday is next week highlighting the last big event of the month (that I know of right now at least).  I’m not really much for fanfare, but I may have a few friends over for drinks or the like.

Other than that… not much.  I have some fun posts planned for the blog including a look at the new TV season as well as some Emmy excitement.  The Emmys are the 23rd!  Lot’s of TV watching to be done and no clue how to hook the TV up in the new place.  It’s a work in progress.  Key word “work” based on how exhausted I’ve been lately.  Hopefully sometime in the next week I’ll get a chance to breathe.


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