21 Before 21: Successes and Failures

Things I completed:
2. Go to a clothing swap.  It wasn’t too wildly exciting.  Maybe I did it wrong?
5. Start and complete a knitting project.  I actually managed a few of them.  A scarf and two knit hats.  Next on the list is a scarf for my sister.
6. Do a lead climb.  This was awesome.  I learned at a gym in SF and then the knowledge came in handy when the gym I went to in Germany was all lead.  So cool.
10. Have a real sit down dinner party.  I’m calling this one close enough.  It was a small group, but we rearranged the furniture to sit down properly and the meal had a beginning and an end and all that good stuff.
12. Learn how to apply make-up.  Another one that I’m calling close enough.  It could still use more work, but I had a crash course during tech week of the eurythmy performance.
18. Go for a month without looking in the mirror.  I gave up mirrors for lent which required me to cover all the reflective surfaces in the apartment.  It went pretty well, though it didn’t have as much affect on me as I thought it would.
19. Skip class and go out for breakfast.  Written about here.
21. Buy Christmas presents with money saved.  Done, though I’ll point out that I only needed to purchase a handful of presents.  Most of my shopping was at the Renegade craft fair, so… win!

So close!  These are ones that I was really close to or will be putting on the list for next year because I’m still interested in them.
1. Read the entire bible.  I was close you guys.  Sort of.  I was following a reading plan the entire year, but I missed too many days to call this one a pass.
3. Vote.  I missed my chance, but I’m determined on this one.  It’s a presidential election year!
4. Create a cookbook of Rachel.  I have been gathering recipes together of copies and printouts of things I’ve made that I would like to make again, but I haven’t put them together in a binder yet.
9. Bake bread.  I’ve made bread before, but I wanted to make sandwich style bread this time around and that didn’t wind up happening.
13. 100 Push-up challenge.  I started, but then life got in the way.
14. Improve my typing speed.  Still interested, just didn’t quite know how to go about it and didn’t get a chance to try.
15. Dye my hair with Kool-aid.  See #14.
17. Get my fortune told.  Meh.  I don’t quite know how I feel about this one any more.

Just plain didn’t happen.  These ones fell by the wayside and I’m kind of okay with it.  I wanted to get them done, but my interests changed, or there may be a few I wasn’t interested in to begin with.
7. Go snowboarding with friends.  Planning anything with friends in SF is nearly impossible with differing schedules and times being home, and going snowboarding in Chicago isn’t worth it, plain and simple.
8. Go scuba diving.  Nope.
11. Plant a mini herb garden.  With all the moving I’ve been doing lately I realized that this is one that’s going to have to wait.  At least until I sign a year lease on a place.
16. Go paint balling. Nope.
20. Go camping.  See #7 with the addendum that it likely would be worth it in Chicago, but I don’t have the equipment.

Well, there we have it.  I am pretty okay with what got done and what didn’t.  A lot of the adventure-type things were the ones that got passed up, which is something I have taken into account with the 22 Before 22 list I’m working on.  While I have started a list, I’m not very sure of it right yet.  It’s not nearly long enough, which is one reason I’m hesitant.  I guess this is going to have to be a wait and see thing.  I know I will be setting goals for the year, but I’m not sure that this is the form they will be taking.

Regardless of manifestation, there will be some sort of before I turn 22 goal list in the coming week or so.  My birthday is this Thursday, and (if you hadn’t guessed) I’m turning 21.  This is sort of a thing in the US as it means I am able to drink.  I’m not really one to go nuts over alcohol, but it will be nice to be able to buy a bottle of wine to bring as gifts and such.


2 thoughts on “21 Before 21: Successes and Failures

    • I did tell you. Multipule times. I would say, “Hey, when are you taking me scuba diving?” and then you would say, “When you get back to Chicago sometime.” Wince we never picked a specific day and we’re both busy people, we never got around to it.

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