Writing About Writing (week of September 3)

Monday: blog – summer thoughts draft
Tuesday: NBN (nothing but notes)
Wednesday: school – TV Log
school – Thoughts on “The Wire”
school – WDP #1
Thursday: blog – ideas on language
blog – ideas on style
Friday: blog – language draft
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: work – emails
school – Short Writing Assignment

Well.  Not exactly what I was hoping for last week all things considering, but overall I think this is a job pretty well done.  I wanted to write something every day and I came pretty darn close.  There is a lot more variation in what I’m writing now because school work has started to creep in.  I’m expecting much more of that in coming weeks.

This week I’ll be moving the remainder of my stuff into my apartment and I’ve got meetings and such lined up for pretty much every day.  Lots to do and only so much time to do it.  Writing-wise I’m not sure what to expect.  I know I’ll get a lot of school related stuff, but I’d also like to get some non-school related stuff written.  Though, what this summer was non school related will likely be turning into a school project so the lines may be a bit blurry soon.


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