Things change, but things stay the same.  Our country is growing as a nation, but we must never forget our past–the things that brought us to where we are.  While some of those stories are victories and successes, the failures and hardships are the places where we have the most to learn.  Things like slavery and segregation, and the backlash against them, are what makes us the diverse place we are today.

As the Republican and Democratic National conventions and the presidential campaigns that follow are shown on TV I am reminded of that so strongly.  We must look to the past to learn the lessons for the future.  But we must look to the future to make way for a better world.

Yes, things change.  Technology is growing, and we are more linked together for it, but also further apart.  Security has increased since eleven years ago, mostly because of what happened eleven years ago.  But things stay the same.  We are still having the same arguments, the same debates holding court next to new topics.  We are still hired and fired, insulted and respected in equal amounts.  We still love.  We still remember.

And it is the remembering and the emotions that make us human.  We are a part of a time that has never moved so fast.  But we can never stop remembering.  Take a minute today and remember the place we were.  Say a prayer for those who are still in the line of fire.  Look forward to the future when we will live in a different world.  One that looks remarkably similar, but is worlds away.


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