A Humble Request

Today is my birthday.  I don’t know what most people do for their birthday but so far my plan is go to class and possibly to Incarnation.  Mind blowing huh?  In the meantime, I submit this to you all.

I am officially 21 years old.  I take 16 credit hours a week and hold down a job where I’m clocking in around 20 hours a week on top of that (as the so-called executive producer of a show I helped develop).  I live alone and manage to feed myself and keep house pretty well if I do say so myself.  I’m never embarrassed to have company over to say the least.

This summer I flew to Germany by myself and spent seven weeks in countries where I don’t speak the language.  I planned and saved for this trip mostly on my own with some help from friends (planning) and family (some money and airline miles).  Other accomplishments this summer include spending a week in LA working as a Production Assistant on a professional set, and getting a fair amount of writing done on my own accord (I’ll refer you to the Writing About Writing series I’ve been doing and will continue).

I’m not saying this to brag.  I promise I’m not.  I’m telling you all of this to convince you that I am a functioning young adult who is able to take care of myself, and that I know how to ask for help when I need it.  It is with all this in mind that I present to you a humble request.

Please don’t treat me like a child.

I understand that I do have a lot of growing up to do.  I’m not claiming to know it all.  The more I grow up the more I find things I don’t understand.  There are a lot of parts of being a grown up that I haven’t experienced yet.  I’ve never been in an adult relationship or navigated a lease on my own.  These are all things that I likely will do in the future, but I haven’t yet, and I’m acknowledging that here.

But, I have already grown up a lot in the past 21 years and it would be awesome if people would acknowledge that too.  I am constantly embarrassed for my former self.  I am no longer a six-year-old in a mommy-made bunny costume (though that was one killer costume).  I am a 21-year-old who can balance a full schedule and make a pretty mean veggie lasagna.

Will there be times when I screw up?  Absolutely.  But doesn’t everyone screw up once and a while?  So please, when I do screw up, feel free to call me out on it.  But say it with the dignity and respect that is deserved for a girl who’s managed to get through twenty years of life relatively unscathed.  I would much appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “A Humble Request

  1. You’re a very mature young woman, Rachel. You have opportunities and family support that some can only dream about and yet seem so very grounded. You will make mistakes and should be allowed to make them. How else does one truly learn? I trust that your family has helped you to instill a solid core of values and that will assist your decision making. You have a brilliant future ahead of you. I am proud to call you family and will happy to grant your humble request. Feel free to contact me if you ever need an ear.

  2. Rachel, I was really sad when you left NJ. But I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your life out West, and all the things that you’ve been doing have been inspiring to me. You are definitely one of the most mature 20 year olds I know, and I hope you will continue to live the honest and examined life that you’ve been living.

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