Writing About Writing (week of Sepetember 10)

Monday: NBN
Tuesday: Things I learn on the CTA
Wednesday: blog – Internet TV
work – emails
Thursday: nothing
Friday: Thank You note
Saturday: journalling

Not to thrilled with this week, but I’m giving myself a pass because there were a lot of things going on.  Early in the week I moved the last of my stuff into the apartment, and this weekend was Columbia and SAIC’s InterVarsity retreat.  Admittedly I have not done enough homework this week and so next week will likely be spent in part catching up.

Next week I am hoping to get more into a routine.  I have some catching up to do (as mentioned) and I have a lot of writing that I should do for work as well.  I have to write two 15 page scripts which is quite daunting.  And they should be done in two weeks.  Even more daunting.  Thankfully they are for a talk show and should be pretty straight forward.  Now if only graphics, set design, and a host were as straight forward.  Yeah, right.


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