There has been a lot of thinking in my head as of late about marriage.  Let’s be clear and concise right away in that I have not met anyone who I plan to marry (at least not that I know of yet), nor do I plan on jumping on a marriage boat with the next clean cut, good-looking guy who comes into my life.  But there have been thoughts.  Conversations.  With friends and with God of what it would be like to married.  Who I will be married to.

Conversations with Allason about how while I was never a girl to plan my entire wedding at eight, I do have some ideas on the matter now.  Simple and homemade-looking, which I realize writing it now sounds extremely vague and nondescript.  I have it all in my head to be sure.  The feeling for it.  She seems quite excited for my future wedding despite neither of us knowing much about it.

A very long conversation with roommate Emma (ex-roommate Emma?) about the decision to be married or not to be.  This stemming from a couple I know who have been together as long as I’ve known them, but are not married.  Why do some people choose not to get married and some feel the need to get married so urgently?  This of course morphed into a conversation about… well eventually we got to watching the pilot of Leverage, but even I don’t remember what came between the two.

Short and spread out conversations with God where I ask so many questions and get only a handful of replies.  Who will I marry?  Have I met them?  Where are they?  What will our story look like?  What does he look like?  Will I even get married?  What will my wedding look like?  And how long do I have to wait for these questions to be answered concretely?

Perhaps this was brought on by a new awareness and feelings of and on gay relationships in my life.  And without getting into the see-saw war that is religious views and political views on gay marriage and gay relationships in general, I’ll say that, yes, I do think gay people should be allowed to get married if only because people need to get this separation of church and state thing through to their heads.


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