“22 Before 22” Goals for the Year

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a 22 Before 22 list of things to do, but when I read over the 18 that I had I realized that a good quarter of them I knew I wasn’t going to get to.  There are still some that I am interested in trying, including some goals that factor in to things I want to do in the coming years, but I don’t think a 22 Before 22 list is the way to go for this year’s goals.

The goals from the list that I like are mostly having to do with being intentional about my choices.  From there is goes in multiple directions from trying to establish a habit of daily devotionals, of scheduling myself ahead of time (and especially of making sure that I have everything I need on my schedule ahead of time).  I want to create routines that run the gambit from beauty and health to photography and blogging.

I think that is the theme of this next year: to live with intention.  I am always looking forward to the future so intently that I often forget to see what’s right in front of me. This is not uncommon, I’m sure, but doesn’t change that it’s not how I want to be living my life.  I want to be firmly grounded in the present.  And perhaps just in knowing that I already am, but knowing and acknowledging can sometimes be different.

Other things that were on the list that I’m still interested in: dressing up in a “geek” costume (I’m thinking Zelda), learning how to drive a scooter, making the dean’s list, and going on a proper date (though I’m pretty old-fashioned so that one isn’t really all up to me).


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