Writing About Writing (week of September 17)

Monday: school – TV log
Tuesday: school – Malcolm in the Middle
school – WDP
blog – cable TV
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: work – a monstrous amount of emails
Friday: nothing
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: live tweeting Emmys

And before you say it, I am going against my normal rules by including the tweets about the Emmys in this week’s writing log, but I’m going to call it extraordinary circumstances.  I was tweeting through the entire three hours at a pretty steady stream the whole time.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how I somehow tend not to write much on Mondays fairly consistently.  I don’t know how I feel about that, but I think bringing awareness to it is good for me to start changing that.  My goal with this is to make writing an everyday habit and so far that’s not really happening.  I think part of of the bit may be that I’m not setting out a specific time to write each day, and I believe that will be a next step in solidifying this writing habit.

All that being said I’m not sure that I have a solid goal for this coming week.  I want to have balance overall.  So I think more than a writing goal I have an organization goal of figuring out where my “big rocks” of a daily writing habit and daily bible time will fit in next to my other “big rocks” of school and work that seem immobile.  Neatly fitting with that goal is getting a handle on my TV watching.  I keep watching two or three episodes of Angel off Netflix everyday and it’s a habit that I need to break.

Meanwhile, it’s just past midnight and I have a longer than I’d like list of things to do before I go to bed tonight and I have to get up early to head to class tomorrow morning.


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