In Which I Go On About How Much I Like My New Apartment

Upon first moving to my new apartment I quickly realized that something wasn’t going to work.  My phone.  My cell phone recives no service at my new apartment.  In my neighborhood.  Nothing.  Okay, not quite literally nothing, but very, very close to nothing.

After a week of dropped calls and buffering Netflix (at the time this was also my sole source of entertainment due to lack of internet access) I was implored – nay, commanded – to acquire a land line phone.  This of course sparked a trip to Target (because honestly, what self-respecting college student has a phone handy in their back pocket?), and then a phone call to Comcast.  And unnecessary deposit, an afternoon spent waiting in line to get a modem, and an hour connecting plugs and installing wifi.

I’ll admit that I am oddly excited about my home phone.  It has a curly cord that almost but not quite reaches my entire apartment.  It doesn’t have voice mail, and it actually plugs into the wall.  It’s like something out of the 90’s.  And when I sit on the couch to talk to whoever I’m calling I feel like I am in the 90’s.  It’s wonderful in it’s own strange way.  Kinda weird, but I love it anyway.

Weirder?  I’m calling people more now and it’s much more enjoyable.  I make a list of people I need to call, sit down with a cup or tea and call everyone on the list.  It’s a wonderful way to relax.

There are so many ways that calling people is awesome.  For one, since my cell phone doesn’t get very good service it’s easier to call someone on the land line and talk for a minute than to deal with twenty minutes of painful texting and having to resend nearly every message.  I was also moving towards calling people more anyway.  Texting is great and all, but I like to make more human connections.  Plus it’s also quicker.  If the person isn’t going to answer the phone then you know that in a minute as opposed to the waiting game of will they answer your text.

Weirdest?  I’m actually leaving my cell phone at home when I leave the house.  Some days this is completely unintentional.  Because it’s spending so much time searching for a signal, it also looses battery power quicker which means it constantly needs to be plugged in.  There have been a few times when I get halfway to the El before realizing that my phone is still plugged into a wall and charging.

It’s also leading to intentionally leaving my phone at home sometimes.  What do I need a phone for at church anyway?  So that it can go off in the middle of a sermon and I can look like a fool?  I’ll just start taking an actual bible with me instead of relying on my bible app.  It would spend half the time searching for signal anyway.

As strange as it is, I’m loving my lack of cell phone/land line equation lately and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Well, if the internet ever craps out on me I’ll want my cell to watch Netflix on, but for the time being.  Life is pretty good right now and I’ll take what I can get.


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