They Win Some They Lose Some (a review of this year’s Emmys)

I’m not much one for awards shows, but I’m going to say something that you’ll probably all see coming.  I love the Emmys.  Of course I love the Emmys.  They’re my awards show.  Some people go nuts over the Oscars or the Tonys.  The Grammys have their musical following, but I love the Emmys.  I’m majoring in TV, I watch the Emmys.

They Emmys serve the dual purpose of a yearly review of what happened in TV this year and getting me hyped up for all sorts of awesome that is sure to come.  I especially enjoyed the montages they did this year of “The Year in _” (Comedy, Drama, Reality, ect.).

Overall I have two sides of the Emmys.  I have personal reactions to who won and how awesome everyone is.  Mostly these consist of “OMG Congratulations! I’m so excited!!”  Granted there are a few “I’m sure you’re awesome, but I wanted [name of other nominee] to win.” punctuated by a frowny face.  I also have much more professional reactions and questions.  Mostly theories on the winners.

Going into the night, it’s no surprise or secret what my favorites were.  Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The Big Bang Theory, and The Good Wife were my favorites at the start.  I was glad to see a few wins in among my favorites, but I was also excited to see that a show I hadn’t heard of was winning a lot of things too.  So now I have to look up and watch Homeland and Game Change.

Let’s face it though, only half the reasoning for watching an awards show is the actual awards.  We watch because of the people presenting and the mishaps that occur during the show.  We watch waiting for exciting things to happen, and they nearly always do.  Highlights of this year included Jimmy Kimmel telling us to tweet about Tracy Morgan passing out even though he didn’t and Ricky Gervais calling Louie CK out on winning all the awards.

I also enjoy the technical aspects (because I’m a nerd).  When a presenter dosn’t stand in front of the mic and getting to see the backstage cameras online.  When someone wasn’t there to claim their award and give a speech I could practically hear the control room cheering at gaining that time.

In the background I heard the music being played and I’m rushing to finish this post, because while I don’t actually run out of time on the internet, I do have things to do and places to be.  In the vein of nerdiness, I am off to listen to a lecture on social media in television and I’m kind of excited.  Thank you so much for coming out today and thank you for reading.


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