This Has Been: September Edition

September has been a month of settling.  I didn’t quite realize how insane it was going to be when I started out.  I figured I’d take a week or so to get settled into my new apartment and then I’d be calm and rationally ready for classes to start.  I imagined having all the textbooks before classes started.  Well… no.

The end of September marks week four of school.  Week four of working on this new show that they’ve given me and I still barely have it figured out.  I’m going to be spending the entire weekend writing scripts.  I haven’t figured out what day is Grocery day, laundry day, ect. and I’m afraid that as soon as I figure it out it’s going to have to change.  This month has been madness.

In the middle of it though I spent a day in retreat with my school’s InterVarsity chapter and began the process of taking Sunday’s as a Sabbath.  Through the month I’ve began to do more of my work on Friday and Saturday in order to leave time on Sunday afternoons for long lunches out and evenings fangirling the Emmys.  I’m glad to say that that portion of the month has worked quite well.  As has setting a pattern of daily devotionals.

In fact, just this week I read an essay by a woman in ministry talking about how her path of seminary was influenced by both Buffy and Angel which just blew me away.  I have been wanting to talk about how Joss’ works relate to faith and my perspective on them as a Christian, but have been nervous since I haven’t finished Angel or Dollhouse yet.  I’m still holding out to write that post, but I’ve never been more excited to talk to people about these shows because now I can see it so much more clearly through the lens of my faith.

This of course is making me all the more motivated to finish Angel especially.  I managed to get through quite a bit of it this month.  I think I managed nearly a full season this month while also watching a handful of new and old shows premiering and falling completely in love with Leverage.  You’ll be hearing a lot about what I’ve been watching in the next month I’m sure, but I’ll save that look ahead for next week.

As far as blogging goes I was just able to hang on by a thread.  I’ve been writing some posts up the day they were published which is nerve-wracking to me.  I also didn’t get to doing any re-design elements that I was hoping to this month in actuality.  I have a lot of what I’m planning all set in my head, but not yet done in the real world.  I’ve noticed that that’s a thing that I do and it may not be very helpful in my future.  I should probably work on that.


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