Writing About Writing (week of September 24)

Monday: school – WDP 3
school – synopsis of BSG bible
Tuesday: school – beginnings of my own show bible
Wednesday: blog – emmy’s post
school – a few paragraphs on my show bible
Thursday: journalling
blog – this has been
Friday: work – emails, emails, emails!
work – begining of talk show scripts
school – weekly progress report
blog – thoughts on Elementery
Saturday: school – target market demographics
blog – this will be
Sunday: school – WDP 4
work – talk show scripts
blog – dealing with challenges draft

Well, that is certainly a long list.  It’s even longer than I was expecting which is wonderful.  I’m not even sure that I have everything written down here which is a bit chaotic, but I’m happy with on a writing scale.  My writing as of late is dominated by school and work, a trend that will continue in the coming weeks, but I’m quite happy with that.

However, I’m not sure that I succeeded in creating the routine I was craving this time last week.  While I know quite clearly what I think that habit will be now, I’m in no real position to say if it will work or not.

So that, I believe is where next week lies, is in finding the routine of writing and doing.  I’m not anticipating a balance quite yet, I’m expecting the week to be quite heavy on the work side of writing, and I’ve come to terms with it.  It’s a hole I’ve sort of dug for myself and I’m going to have to climb my way out of it.  I do hope to get a little planning in for the rest of the month, but that’s not really hear nor there.


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