Revolutionary or Revoluti-meh?

This show practically has me hooked before I even saw a single episode.  JJ Abrams?  Conspiracy theories?  Sci-fi esque?  Ensemble cast?  Yes, yes, yes yes!  I was super excited for this show to come out, but at three episodes so far I’m still waiting for it to blow my hair back.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a pretty cool show so far.  There are lots of action scenes, loads of characters to get to know and a aura of mystery about the whole thing that I love like none other.  The show starts with a murder and then guys daughter, Charlie, has to go and find her brother who was kidnapped by the militia.  There are flashbacks, explosions, old school weaponry, and lots and lots of questions.

The setting and premise is so cool.  It’s a world that I can see myself in and (maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here) see myself thriving in.  I can light a fire.  I could easily learn to feed myself by growing things.  Let’s do this.

But, as much as the world is awesome and wonderful, I’m disappointed in it in a lot of ways too.  I was expecting the girl, Charlie, to be more a take charge kind of girl.  Not a follow the leader type.  I was excited for seeing a girl take charge of things.  I love Nora, the rebel that they’ve introduced in the second episode, and I’m having a love/hate relationship with Aaron who seems really awesome, but really focused on how much he’s lost since the blackout.

I want to like this show.  I really do.  I want to but of the two types of people in the world (ones who can go for the ride and ones who just want to know the answer to the question already), I’m the type who really wants them to answer all my pressing questions.  I’m seeing a lot of questions in this show and not many answers.  Who is Grace?  Why did Miles run away?  What happened to Charlie’s mom?

And honestly, I’m fine with questions.  Really I am.  As long as I get something out of them.  Even it’s it’s just an illusion of something and then you change what you said later.  It’s a bit of an you-didn’t-see-when-the-Doctor-went-back-and-fixed-it outlook on life, but that’s fine with me.

In a lot of ways this show is reminding me of Heroes.  That show that was on for about two seasons.  It may have been more, but I stopped watching after the season two premiere.  It was a pretty good show, but it just got weird.  The first season was great, but when they made a big hoopla over the second season people stopped caring.  I’m thinking the same thing will happen here.  Only maybe with less time until it dies out.

The premise is so cool I want them to be able to bring the story all the way around.  Bring the power back, start to rebuild society, all that good stuff.  But frankly, I don’t see that really happening.  Sad but true.


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