Writing About Writing (week of October 8)

Monday: school – scenes for my show
Tuesday: blog – Elementary Review
school – setting for my show
Wednesday: blog – Around Here Lately
school – WPR Summary
Thursday: birthday card
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: blog – drafts galore
Sunday: school – Final Project Proposal
school – German sentences

I am actually amazed that I have nothing to show for a whole day this week.  Surprised isn’t quite right, because thinking back on this is doesn’t sound wrong, but I’ll admit to being slightly disappointed in myself.  I was — in my defense — crazy busy this week. This is officially production week one for work, and I wont stop until I’ve got 20 episodes out (4 down 16 to go).  Eek!

One thing I do have to figure out though is a way to log what I’m writing throughout the week.  I sit here on Sunday nights trying to remember what I’ve been writing all week.  No gusta (also, my languages are all over the map lately).  I’m considering using my kitchen window as a dry erase board, then I can write things in when I’m making dinner.  I’ll let you know how that went.


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