On Priorities

Oh where oh where have my priorities gone?  Oh where oh where could they be?  When I set out at the beginning of the semester I had decided that my priorities were going to be blogging and work.  This has stayed relativity the same.  What I forgot to prioritize was planning for next semester.

It’s always been the plan (basically since I was a freshman) to go and study abroad the spring of my third (junior) year.  Always been the plan.  I was going to study abroad in the spring and then get myself an internship in England for the summer.  And, you know, if anyone offered me a job while I was there I would probably wind up living there forever.

According to this timeline I should be planning and organizing this throughout this semester.  Which would be fine except that it continually was pushed to the back burner as blogging and work took the top priority.  It took a kick in the pants from Emma, my old roommate to get me started on this plan.  Or lack of plan if you prefer.  Personally I prefer lack of a plan, because I feel it more accurately describes where I’m at right now.  See, the deadline for a lot of these programs was yesterday.


So, while things don’t seem to be falling into place quite yet I am working on it which is much better than it was this time last week.  I’ll send out my nets and see what comes back.  Hopefully some cool stuff, maybe some random stuff, but definitely stuff I’ll be interested in for the next semester/summer.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you once I have my life figured out internet, as you will be coming with me in some form wherever I go.


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