Writing About Writing (week of October 15)

Monday: blog – editing Finders Keepers and On Priorities
work – emails
work – scripts and rundowns
Tuesday: school – WDP #5
school – circle of being
blog – Bars and Tone
Wednesday: work – scripts and rundowns
school – WPR
Thursday: NBN
Friday: work – scripts and rundowns
blog – morning people
Saturday: emails
school – scenes and back story
Sunday: school – article response

I am extremely happy with this week.  More in how I have been able to keep track of my writing than in any specific writing itself.  I used a dry erase marker to write on my kitchen window, and then I’m able to just type up what’s on the window for this post.  Wonderful.  Lots got done this week, but I’m not even quite halfway through production.  Soon.

As a note of sorts I really love the Bars and Tone post I created, and will likely use it as a fallback when I’m super stressed.  Hopefully it will not be used again in the near future, but midterms kind of crushed me this week.

This week is going to be a little calmer production-wise because we set some hard deadlines and have already met them.  Score.  So hopefully I will have some more time to focus on non-work things.  Which is mostly school, and blogging, and study abroad applications.  My goal for the week is to have all the writing intensive bits of applications done.

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