The Season So Far

The problem with the title of this post is that the season of television as we used to know it no longer exists.  Starting with the writer’s strike in 2008, and evolving from there, an examination of series that have premiered since show that television series are much less likely to premiere on a set schedule.

To be fair, this has been happening since the launch of cable television in the 80’s.  Networks can choose when series go on the air, and often choose based on when is convenient for the production schedule and in correlation with other shows finishing their run.  Upfronts (a big party for advertisers that traditionally happens in the spring) still exist, but have been scaled back in recent years.

TV series don’t just premiere during on week in the fall anymore.  Premiere season starts in late August and doesn’t end until the end of October.  Even after that some shows still have late premieres and mid-seasons replacements are a grab-bag of whenever they need a replacement.  TV is changing, and I’d venture to say that it’s changing for the better.


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