Writing About Writing (week of October 22)

Monday: 250 words on why I want to study/live abroad
school – outline and half of an Anthropology paper
Tuesday: blog – Morning People
school – finish and edit Anthro paper
Wednesday: Emails! Emails! Emails!
Thursday: fanfiction
Friday: work – scripts and rundowns
Saturday: school – TV Program Development project
blog – This has Been (October)
blog – This Will Be (November)
Sunday: school – German sentences

This week my main goal was to try and get all study abroad writing work done.  The unspoken portion of that goal was to get all study abroad everything done.  That didn’t really happen.  While I did get all the writing aspects completed, I did not complete all the other paperwork that goes along with it.  I am coming down to the wire, but I only have a few things left to do.

There is so much to say about this week writing-wise.  To answer one question that I’m sure is burning a hold in everyone’s heart, I do occasionally dabble in fanfiction.  I’m not always proud of that fact, but… actually I think that’s spawn for another post altogether, and I’ll let this lie for a little while.

In many ways this week is a bit of an off week.  Looking back I’m surprised that I was not writing more for school, and perhaps a little worried that I will end the semester in a time crunch.  Sounds like week-by-week writing schedule time.  I also spent much of Saturday holed up in my apartment watching TV, writing and making soup.  Wonderful.

Next week I want to focus on handling emails well.  I recently discovered that I will write emails much more efficiently if I write an email to do list.  This list includes who I need to email, and a short sentence fragment of what the email needs to say.  There was even one email this week that I straight up wrote out long hand which was helpful for stopping my procrastination.

Ideally, I would write an email to send list every day, adding to it throughout the day, then sit down in the evening to send them all at the same time.  I think this will also help with efficiency, and will likely also help to be sure that each project of mine is on task.

This post has somehow managed to get away from me in that it’s at least twice as long as what has become the norm for my Writing About Writing posts.  I suppose I had a lot of things to talk about this week.  Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I’ll leave you now so that you can make that decision for yourself.


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