This Has Been: October Edition

This month was average.  Just as predicted.  I worked.  I schooled.  I blogged.  I networked.  I hung out with friends.  I went to a concert and a play.  I watched a lot of TV.  I started drinking a lot more water.  I lived.  Meanwhile, it got colder, people freaked out over the election, and I seem to have lost my camera charger.

Work was very busy for me this month as I was in production nearly every week this month.  Some weeks were smoother than others, but overall I’m really happy with how my show went.  If you’re interested you should check it out.  It’s a pretty neat exercise that I was one of the driving forces behind.  I’m not on camera (yet), but I made sure there was something for the camera to shoot.

Funny how school takes second to work lately.  If I wasn’t in school I wouldn’t be allowed to work where I do, but that’s neither here nor there.  School is good in that I like nearly all my classes this semester.  Lots of work done, and much more to do.

This month was interesting in that it was the month of networking.  On of my class assignments included creating an industry contact, and for that same class I went to an outside event that, while not being straight up networking, was fascinating to me.  I geek out when I get a chance to listen to educated television people talk about TV.  #nerd

Even I am somewhat impressed with my television watching from this month though.  I took on two new shows (Revolution and Elementary) and was also able to keep up with some favorites from last season (notably, Once Upon A Time and Fringe).  There are a few shows I’m undecided about still, but for the most part I’m truly impressed with what has been available this season.  Also, I watched a little bit of Mary Tyler Moore on the side and (finally) finished season 3 of Angel.  Two more seasons to go, but you know, small victories.

Overall I’m really happy with the average month that managed to be October.  There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of average once and a while (as long as I don’t get stuck like that).


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