Writing About Writing (week of November 5)

Monday: journaling – even the best laid plans
Tuesday: blog – Sprichest Du Deutche?
school – 2 pages of script
Wednesday: journal
school – script work
Thursday: journal
Friday: journal
work – scripts and rundowns
Saturday: journal
Sunday: journal
blog – Those Effing Hipsters (for tuesday)
blog – Recent Events (for thursday)

Journaling is back!  I didn’t even set out to start journaling at the beginning of the week, it just sort of happened.  I suppose it sprung out of my week’s goal of keeping priorities straight.  I’ve been reading a book by Gordon MacDonald that’s been reminding me of a bunch of things that I used to do passively that I should probably start up again.

I’m super happy with the new habit that I seem to have picked up on a whim.  I’m excited that it was so easy to go back to.  It’s been a long time since I’ve kept a consistent journal and I had just about given up on it.  I think a part of me had been thinking that this space was going to be okay to take over the role of a journal.  Not so.  I love you internet, but there are some things that I don’t know if you could handle not telling people (you kind of have a reputation for gossip).

Joking aside, I’m quite pleased, and really for the next week my only goal is to keep on keeping on.  Continue with the balance I have going.  I feel like it’s come so easily that it may crumble in on me at any moment.  Why is it that we always feel like that?


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