Those Effing Hipsters (the weekend in Boston)

It seems that Boston brings out the hipster in me.  Jojo has been telling me for weeks how all her friends claim she’s a hipster and she vehemently denys it.  Granted, according to the hipster code, true hipsters claim not to be hipsters, so maybe she is one.  Either way, we spent at least one very hipster day in Boston.

On Friday we went to Goodwill to see if we could find dishes to stock Emma’s dorm room, then the largest vintage store I’ve ever seen that also included a costume shop.  So much fun.  Then we doubled back and hit up a space themed vegetarian diner.  It felt like a scene out of Portlandia.

Day two involved the Museum of Fine Art, meeting a bunch of Jojo’s friends, Bananagrams, Quincy Market, Newbury Comics, and Community.  I love how TV is a universal language even when talking to a bunch of Engineering students (before you ask, I’m the black sheep, not her).

Sunday was mostly just hanging out until I had to leave.  I even got some work done.  Not much, but still.

The biggest feeling that I have from this trip is that you could not pay me to relive freshmen year.  It was fun at the time, but hanging out with freshmen all weekend was a bit of an eye opener that I really don’t need to do that again.  I think perhaps I had an oddball freshmen year, but that doesn’t mean I’m down for a re-do.

It did make me wonder though, does Grad school have the same year of awkward or does everyone understand that you’ve done it once  and you don’t need to go through it again?  Due to recent discoveries Grad school was thrown out as an idea, but if that means re-doing freshmen year, I’m out.

A note: the above picture is one of the five that I was able to take before my camera crapped out on me.  I ordered a charger off the internet but it hasn’t come yet.  #imwating


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