Writing About Writing (week of November 12)

Monday: journal
blog – Leverage
school – WDP #9
Tuesday: journal
school – Anthro paper #2
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: journal
SiLA essay
Friday: journal
Saturday: journal
blog – In the Works: TV Time
school – four pages of scripty
Sunday: journal
school – science article response

Last week’s goal was to keep on keeping one.  I feel like I did that quite well.  Yeah, not much to say about this one.  I wrote things, some things more than others.  Friday was a particular highlight (not writing-wise, but in general) because I watched thirteen episodes of Angel.  I should probably not be proud of that, but I really, really am.

This coming week is Thanksgiving*, and I’m going home for the weekend.  I’m not quite sure how much to expect to get done, but I do really need to get a lot of script writing done.  I’m actually going to aim for another 15 pages by the end of the week.

*You guys, I love this holiday.  So much.  It’s so simple.  Eat food.  That is all.


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