Providing Leverage to a Fantastic Show

Can I talk about a show when I’ve only watched a handful of episodes of it?  I’m going to say yes, because even with such a short time episodes I love Leverage like no other.  I watched the Summer finale in September when it was on and then caught a part of a marathon a few weeks later.  I have season one courtesy of my friend Laura, and I’m still trying to find time to watch more than the 2 episodes that I’ve seen so far.

I’m a new convert, but I can’t even describe how awesome this show is.  The greatest part is that even though I’ve only been watching it for a few months I feel like I’ve been at it since the beginning.  It’s such a simple show to catch up with unlike a lot of the more serialized TV I watch that’s difficult to follow if you miss more than two episodes.

Reasons you should absolutely watch Leverage

1. The Cast.  The show has a fantastic cast of recognizable faces, and they all do a terrific job with their characters.  Personally I recognize Gina Bellman from Coupling and Jeykel and Chris from his role in Angel oh way back when.  The rest of the cast is equally awesome.

2. The team kicks ass.  The basic premise of the show is that these people are the best criminals in the business and they are now up for hire for pretty much anyone who needs them. In nearly every episode it starts out with a simple job, but Nate turns it into a greater than mission. Borderline annoying, but it’s hard to argue as they are usually good causes.

3. Relationships that don’t detract from the story.  It’s a common complaint in television that when characters get together in a story it detracts from the main story.  This is not the case with Leverage at all.  There are currently two couples on the team and they are both relatively low profile sub-plots to the main story in each episode.

4. They film in Portland.  I know, my nerdy hipster is showing, but you guys, it’s still really cool that they film in Portland.  Especially since it’s currently set in Portland.  They don’t have to worry about making it feel like another city, it looks like Portland and it’s supposed to be Portland.  Done.

Yesterday was the first day of new episodes on TNT.  Do you watch Leverage?  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Providing Leverage to a Fantastic Show

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