This Has Been: November Edition

I am in awe that November is nearly over.  Really I am.  This has been a month of waiting.  Waiting to hear back from study abroad, from Semester in LA (SiLA).  Waiting for a camera charger to come in the mail (it’s still not here and it’s driving me nuts).  Waiting for my show to wrap.

All good things mind you, and saying that I was waiting for them doesn’t imply that I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs in the meantime.  There was plenty of working and socializing to do while I was in stasis elsewhere.

As mentioned, I wrapped production of my show for work.  It was a fun project to do and put me in touch with a lot of first year students.  There was a lot of nostalgia in there for me, leading to a lot of thankfulness that I never have to return to that period of my life again.

This never-repeating-freshmen-year sentiment was echoed in my trip to Boston to see my sister.  It was great to see her, and a lot of fun to meet her friends, but I feel no need to return to the early days of college.  Lot’s of sleeping in and not-quite-thought-through plans.

That said, it was fantastic to see her and the rest of my family over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I went on a segway tour with my mom, ate lot’s of wonderful food, and watched the Macy’s parade (my favorite holiday moment, seriously it’s possible that there were happy tears).

A midst all the holiday and family-seeing bliss there was also a few options filtering their way back to me.  Acceptance into SiLA and Study Abroad leaving all my options open and a big choice to be made, but one thing quite clear: wherever I’ll be, I will not be spending next semester in Chicago.


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