This Will Be: December Edition

December is a month of finishing.  This month I am finishing the semester (and only just realizing how much needs to be done).  I’m packing up my short-lived apartment and putting all my things in storage.  I can’t help but feel that I am finishing a phase of my life that I wont return to again.

Having finished the majority of my work last month gives me the freedom to devote all my extra time to finishing out the semester strong.  I’m working on a TV show bible, a cookbook compiled by season, a marketing event, and two presentations.  I’m going to be a busy bee for the next few weeks.

And the buck doesn’t stop there.  As soon as the semester is over I will be packing up and moving on out.  I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done. I think my mom is going to be coming to help me move out, something I’m immensely grateful for.

Followed quickly on those heels is the Christmas holiday and all the preparations and festivities that are involved with that.  Never mind that I have no clue where I’m going or what the plan is for beyond the winter break.  All this uncertainty can make a girl anxious.

My hope for the month is definitely that I will be able to keep calm a midst all the crazy that is sure to come.  I have a few crafty/bloggy/photoy thoughts in mind as well, if only to help relieve some of the stress that this month is sure to bring.


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