Writing About Writing (week of December 3)

Monday: school – 5 pages of script
school – portfolio
Tuesday: journal
school – 10 pages of script (for a total of 32!)
Wednesday: journal
school – German sentences
school – SWOT analysis
Thursday: journal
Friday: journal
blog – cancelled shows
blog – end of semester
Saturday: journal
blog – Angel bits
Sunday: school – science paper

Last week my goal was to finish my show bible and script, and my portfolio.  Done and done.  I even got a few other things done to boot.  I was especially impressed with my productivity on Wednesday night after having gone to prayer at my church.  I didn’t get back till late and yet was able to prep everything needed for the next day and then some.  God’s funny like that.  When we put Him first everything else works out; when we put everything else first the whole package falls apart.

For next week my only immediate goal is an essay due on Tuesday and then I’m home free.  I’d like to sit down at some point and come up with a plan for writing and TV watching over break.  I have a lot of TV I want to watch, but I also want to get a lot of writing done as well.  I’ll say it again later this week, but if anyone knows of a writing group or writers in San Francisco who would be willing to meet with me while I’m home it would be much appreciated.


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