I’ve Become A Commenter

I have been a lurker in the blogging community for years now.  I would read every post by some of my favorite bloggers and I would follow their lives and their stories, but I was always terrified of giving commentary back to them.

I was scared.

Scared that I wouldn’t measure up.  I wanted to talk to these people, to interact with them, but I was too shy because I had no blog to match theirs.  For a while I didn’t even have a blog.  Then when I did I was inconsistent and disappointed in it myself.  If I left a comment then they might go back to my blog.  I didn’t want them to see it.

I’m not sure when the shift happened, but lately I’ve been much less hesitant to comment on what other bloggers are saying.  I’m finally more confident in my blog (the content at least).  Finally more consistent.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still nowhere near their level of awesomeness.  But I’m no longer scared of being laughed at.  I know it probably wouldn’t have happened, but it’s scary to open yourself up to the possibility.  And hey, the internet is full of that possibility.

So, here I am.  Still a little scared, but less so.  Still not at the level that I want to reach eventually, but getting there.  Still working on it, but amazed by my progress already.


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