As I’ve said before, television these days is a much different world than it used to be.  We are now in a time when there would never have been new episodes airing of any show, meanwhile Leverage just started up again, and the majority of CBS shows will be airing new episodes for at lest another week or so.

Another thing that’s changed is how quickly the turn over has become.  While networks used to give struggling shows a chance to find their feet, now it’s a bit more of a sink or swim mentality.  While that can be okay, it’s also very wasteful and a bit sad.

So far a good handful of show shave been announced as cancelled.  I’ve seen some of them enough to have an opinion, but not all.  I just wanted to give a shout out to the shows so far this season that have already been announced as cancelled.  This includes Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue, Made in Jersey, The Mob Doctor, and Partners.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of all but Made in Jersey, and some I’m sadder to see go than others.  Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue are the saddest to me as I think both of them had good premises and had been doing well for their genre/style.  I’m disappointed that The Mob Doctor hasn’t made it further almost solely on the fact that it was a Chicago based production providing creative, industry jobs to one of my favorite cities.

On a similar Chicago production note, Boss was also canceled.  The same disappointment, with a different situation (Boss was on Starz! and has been running for a few seasons already).

There are also a handful of shows that I don’t understand how they’ve made it this far, but for now I’ll keep those opinions to myself.


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