Whedon Wednesday: Eulogy for Penny

So, whatever happened to Whedon Wednesday?  Well, in short it sort of got away from us.  Whedon Wednesday is a tribute to the many Joss Whedon characters who have died over the years.  A combined effort with Laura, Megg, and Elspeth, Whedon Wednesday is a series of Eulogies morning the loss of these characters who died in fiction.  See also: ArchiveIntroduction.

In light of last week’s tragedy (and yesterday’s post) it seems fitting to end this series today.  A goodbye to a series of goodbyes.  They will always be alive in our hearts.

The only way out is up.  But Penny never wanted out.  Penny’s death was a tragedy in two parts.  Part one being her unseen impact on the city and the work that Caring Hands was doing here.  Part two being the loss of a beautiful, heartfelt soul.

Penny kept to herself.  Very few got to know her well, and in light of recent knowledge I am sad to know that she was taken out by a friend.  I don’t know why her friend Billy decided to kill Penny.  I don’t know what happened for him to become Dr. Horrible, but this knowledge only adds to the questions that we cannot answer.

I don’t know what happened leading up to that day.  What I do know is what I’m going to do now.  The world is not ending   Not yet.  And though it may come to be even darker yet, I am proud to say that I will continue to open my hands and my heart to all those who are still in need.  She would have wanted it that way.


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